Focus on burning issues

The Presidential Symposia will focus on the main topics of the congress.

Hot topics in the pharmacotherapy of mental disorders
Chairs: Peter Falkai (GER), Isabella Heuser (GER)
Speakers: Wolfgang Fleischhacker (AU), Katharina Domschke (GER), Linda Lam (CHN), Gerhard Heinze (MEX)

Refugees and asylum seekers around the globe

Chairs: Helen Herrman (AUS), Andreas Heinz (GER)
Speakers: Patrick McGorry (AUS), Julio Torales (PRY), Meryam Schouler-Ocak (GER), Alassane Dicko (MLI)

Deconstructing diagnostic constructs
Chairs: Andreas Heinz (GER), Wolfgang Gaebel (GER)
Speakers: John Krystal (USA), Stephan Heckers (USA), Wolfgang Gaebel (GER)

Comorbidity  approaching integrity of psychiatry in clinical medicine
Chairs: Paul Summergrad (USA), Norman Sartorius (CH)
Speakers: Cathy Lloyd (UK), Nikolai Kornetov (RU), Paul Summergrad (USA), Jing Wei (CHN), Xin Yu (CHN)

Psychotherapy: Third Wave of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
Chairs: Dinesh Bhugra (UK), Fritz Hohagen (GER)
Speakers: Emily Holmes (SWE), Adrian Wells (UK), Paul Summergrad (USA)

The effect of United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities on the Mental Health Services 
Chairs: Soumitra Pathare (IND), Lucy Series (UK)
Speakers: Dainius Puras (LTU), Soumitra Pathare (IND), Lucy Series (UK), Robert Van Voren (NLD) 

The future of psychopathology
Chairs: Bruce Cuthbert (USA), Wolfgang Gaebel (GER)
Speakers: Andreas Heinz (GER), Shigenobu Kanba (JPN), Bruce Cuthbert (USA), Marc Hermans (BEL)

A call for an international apology from all mental health professions to all indegenous or First Nation peoples
Chairs: Helen Herrman (AUS), Alan Rosen (AUS)
Speakers: Paul Appelbaum (USA), Michaela Amering (AUT), Laurence J. Kirmayer (CAN), Cornelia Wieman (CAN), Frank Schneider (GER)

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