What to expect

The scientific programme of the WPA XVII WORLD CONGRESS OF PSYCHIATRY covers the entire spectrum of the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

The core programme will encompass the following topics:

  1. Neurocognitive disorders, organic mental disorders, dementia
  2. Mental disorders due to psychotropic substances, behavioural addictions
  3. Psychotic disorders
  4. Affective disorders
  5. Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders
  6. Eating disorders, sleep disorders and other disorders
  7. Personality disorders
  8. Disorders closely related to childhood and adolescence
  9. Comorbidity of somatic and mental disorders, psychosomatics
  10. Geriatric psychiatry
  11. Other disorders
  12. Epidemiology and risk factors
  13. Brain imaging, neurophysiology, neuropsychology
  14. Neurobiology and genetics
  15. Cross-disorder mechanisms and principles
  16. Diagnostics and classification, psychopathology, RDoC
  17. Psychotherapy
  18. Pharmacotherapy
  19. Stimulation methods and interdisciplinary interventions
  20. Prevention and health promotion
  21. Rehabilitation and work
  22. Community and social psychiatry
  23. Health care research and models, health care policy
  24. Forensic psychiatry and assessment
  25. Training and continuing education
  26. Ethics and philosophy
  27. Religion and spirituality
  28. History, art and cultural sciences
  29. Quality assurance in psychiatry
  30. Human sexuality
  31. Suicide and psychiatric emergencies
  32. Violence and trauma
  33. Rural and urban mental health
  34. Psychiatry in developing regions
  35. Psychiatry and society
  36. Social determinants of mental health
  37. Stigma and mental health
  38. Human rights
  39. Social discrimination against people with mental illness
  40. Mass media and mental health
  41. Poverty and mental health
  42. Population movements
  43. Social justice
  44. Other topics
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