Dorothea Buck – an interview

„The Sky and Beyond“ reflects on the remarkable life of the 100-year-old sculptor Dorothea Buck who cured herself from schizophrenia.

Born in 1917 she was overcome by a severe mental crisis at the age of nineteen. During the Third Reich, with the diagnosis of schizophrenia, she was declassified as a minor human being. According to the Nazi race policies she was forcibly sterilized in 1936. A few years later she barely escaped “euthanasia”.  Contrary to all prognoses – incurable mental illness – Dorothea Buck tried to understand what drove her into psychosis and developed her own theory of her illness. That way she found the key to her own sanity.

“The Sky and Beyond” is a film about the life and work of a courageous woman – an encouraging film which will be shown at the WPA XVII WORLD CONGRESS OF PSYCHIATRY.